Earth Day Photography

The internet has been disenchanting lately (thanks 2016), so I took up photography this year in an effort to spend more time outside and offline. After four weeks of classes at a local camera shop, we spent the morning of Earth Day out in a nearby park to put our newfound knowledge to the test.

I sort of suspected that I would be into weird perspectives and macro photography, and that morning in the park proved it:

Tree Moss

Bridge Moss

Bridge Perspective

Up a Tree

Hot Coals

(I know. That last one was kind of scandalous.)

There was a bike race going on that day, and though I‘m not much of a sports person, it was a great opportunity to practice capturing motion. After many, many failed attempts, I managed to get this photo:

Bike Race

We also stopped by a waterfall in the park, hidden away from the road, and practiced capturing the movement of the water without overexposing the resulting photo:

Wehr Waterfall

After I left the park, my husband and I took off to spend the day at the zoo. It was a great opportunity to practice with a wide variety of lighting and get used to the settings on my camera. That being said, not many photos turned out that well, and I did have to color correct some of the ones you see here quite a bit.

I also wasn't prepared for the feelings of loneliness and disconnect some of these photos evoke. I’ve always loved zoos and I appreciate their conservation efforts, but it is really hard to see these animals caged— something about photographs really bring it out.

Smug Iguana


Lazy Lion

Caged Falcon

Sad Penguin