Earth Day Photography

The internet has been disenchanting lately (thanks 2016), so I took up photography this year in an effort to spend more time outside and offline. After four weeks of classes at a local camera shop, we spent the morning of Earth Day out in a nearby park to put our ... full post »

2017 Read Harder Challenge

This year, as part of a resolution to read more books, I'm going to be participating in Book Riot's 2017 Read More Challenge. This is the list of books I'm planning to read, although I may adjust as the year goes on. I'm also adding a few extra categories in ... full post »

Recommitting to Salesforce Trailhead

I've been working with Salesforce for as long as I've worked at 7Summits and learned most of what I know on the job through client projects and via the platform's robust documentation. I was excited when Salesforce released Trailhead because although documentation is excellent as reference material, it's dry as ... full post »

A Beginning

Hello! Welcome to the beginning of my development blog. The goal is that this will become a living showcase of my accomplishments and expertise, as well as a log of what I'm currently learning and any "breakable toys" that I'm working on outside of my 9-5. Please excuse the mess ... full post »

Dear body,

I’ve realized, recently, that I haven’t been kind to you. Both in the way that I take care of you— or don’t— and in the way that I say cruel things about you when I look in the mirror. I’m ... full post »

Perfect and pristine.

When I was in elementary school, I would tear pages out of my notebook to rewrite them if I had made even the slightest mistake. If even one letter did not look right to me, I would need to start over. There was no question, no other option, and though ... full post »