Prioritizing Physical and Mental Health

aerial silks, day two

As I write this, my about page says that I have been working to improve my health through clean eating and exercise for 284 days. It’s not a lie, but I have only lost about 7 pounds. Ouch.

The theory of losing weight is extremely simple math; eat fewer calories than you burn. But the practice is hard. It requires mental endurance. It requires experimentation to find the magical combination of exercise and nutritional choices that work for you as an individual. For Person A, that might look like no exercise and nothing but packaged meals that make it easy to count calories. For Person B, that might look like increasing exercise and focus on nutritional macros in addition to calorie counting. For Person C, focus on the scale may be enough to maintain a commitment to the plan, but maybe not for Person D.

And I haven’t even touched on the mental battles that most likely need to be fought. Like I said, the theory is easy, but the practice is hard.

The number I see on the scale may not have changed much in the last 284 days, but I have made progress. I’ve figured out a whole lot of things that don’t work for me, and a few things that do. I need clear goals for myself, and not just a target number on the scale. I need a diet and exercise that is sustainable for the rest of my life.

What I'm Working Towards

Disclaimer: Health can be a sensitive topic and it is deeply personal. My goals are what I want for myself, and are by no means a judgment on anyone else. Diversity is beautiful. You do you. ♥

  1. Ultimately, I want to feel comfortable and strong in my own body.
  2. I want to progress week by week in Aerial Silks by conditioning my body, building muscle, increasing flexibility, and reducing the amount of body weight I need to lift.
  3. I want to reduce harmful visceral fat that can cause serious health issues.
  4. I want to improve my cardiovascular health to reduce stress and the risk of heart-related diseases.
  5. I want to reduce brain fog, anxiety, and depression so I can perform my best in all arenas of life.
  6. Sleep better, because isn’t that always the goal?

Tracking Progress

I want the most accurate picture of what I need to work on to achieve the above goals, so I am working on scheduling a DXA scan through a local university. After I have made measurable progress and feel I’m close to reaching my goals, I plan to do it again to compare my results.

In between, I will be posting weekly check-ins for how closely I’ve stuck to my plan. Each month, I will post my measurable results similar to what I posted way back in April.

The Plan

Diet & Nutrition

  • Take my vitamins daily, including post-workout recovery supplements.
  • Focus on 50% Protein, 30% Carbs, 20% Fat macros with a focus on carbs from vegetables.
  • Track calories daily, targeting 1200 on average days and 1500 on days with intense calorie burn.
  • Break harmful addictions that cause anxiety and energy crashes: no caffeine and no sugar.


  • At least one hour of walking with the dog every day the weather permits.
  • Strength & core training whenever the TV is on.
  • Split stretches daily. I’m determined to get my front and side splits!
  • Aerial silks every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Personal training every Thursday morning.
  • Swimming every Friday.
  • Yoga every Sunday.